“Be still and know that I am God: (Psalm 46:10)

As we take a look at today’s passage, I want us to focus on what it commands us to do(and not on the tragic events in our lives) It clearly tell us to Be Still, yet what truly makes the Command so amazing is that this is God speaking to you Himself. In the verses prior to God’s Command (vs. 1-9), The psalmist is speaking in regards to what he is going through or what calamities he has faced(unexpectedly), and through this, and because of this, he has known God to be his Refuge and Strength… imagine things from his point of view.. growing up in Jerusalem, a city that is built on hills. Seeing these enormous Mountains all his life, not knowing how many days and nights he may have found safety and security in these mountains from the fear of not knowing what each day may bring, these mountains were a constant figure in his life, he knew their strength, he knew of the numerous times they provided solitude and safety. He never expected them to be moved.. Yet that’s just what happens in verse 2. He witnessed the whole earth moved, he saw the mountains ( his safe place), carried into the sea. The most tragic thing he could have ever witnessed, possibly the one thing he feared above all. [I wonder if he ever thought, “I don’t know what I’ll do without you”] Now that moment was upon him… you see we all have things or people in our lives that we expect to always be there, we don’t expect them to ever be out of our life. Maybe your mountain is a loved one, particularly a mother or father. They’ve always been there for you, but now they’re gone, removed by Death. A tragedy that has turned your world upside down, how do you respond? What do you do when they’re gone and you never expected it, sure we know that Death will visit us all. Does that make it any easier? What about that spouse, the two of you were so inseparable, Death still happens, or even Divorce (it has often been compared to death; because God never intended for either). You see, this passage is from the psalmist own experience and perspective. Yet God in His infinite wisdom, and love knew you would face extreme hardships and tragedies, and to be frank, sometimes we just don’t want to hear what someone else has to say, “you couldn’t possibly know how I feel, our situations aren’t the same, I just want to be alone, or “I DON’T THINK I CAN GO ON WITHOUT HIM/HER!” But God has a Word for you today!! It was so important that He literally interrupted the psalmist, although the psalmist was testifying of Just how good God is. God wanted to tell you directly to “Be Still and Know, that I AM God.” Not Be Still and worry, not Be Still and declare that your situation is hopeless. No! Be Still and Know that “I AM”, I AM He that can heal your broken heart, I AM the healer of all your diseases, I AM Alpha and Omega, I AM the creator of heaven and earth. You need to get it in your spirit today, that I AM the same yesterday, today, and forever. And just like I brought comfort to the psalmist then, I’ll comfort you now. Cast all your cares on Me, I care for you. Your outlook should have changed right there. Hallelujah!! Glory to His Name.

Apostle Earnest Jordan


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