My question today is, “where are all those men/women, called of God to go out and make disciples? “Called to go ye Therefore”, The Church of Jesus Christ today resembles nothing of what we saw during His earthly reign. I can recall through scripture how Jesus got into the boat with the disciples, instructing them on where to launch the net. And to the disciples surprise they caught a record number of fish. Be mindful that these were skilled, lifelong fishermen, many of whom were Born into their profession. Yet something was missing in their approach, surely they may have even been successful in their profession, doing things their way, or even patterning themselves after other fishermen.(Copying other Preachers and their Ministries) Jesus got into Their boat (the means they were using to reach the fish), and begin to question them as to their efforts. Have you caught any fish? Have you led anyone to Christ? To which they replied, we’ve toiled all night ( it was work to them, When Jesus got into their boat He was signifying that this would be your life), and we have no fish to show for it. We’ve been in this Church for 25 years, and yet no one is being saved and delivered, no one is being filled with the Holy Ghost. My Daddy was the Pastor of this Church for over 40 years, yet drugs are still rampant in this community. Now rather than following the approach of Jesus and just launching out into the deep, and cast out nets on the right side ( His side), not your daddy’s side, or your denominational side. But the side Jesus commands in His Word. Instead we get more elaborate means, BIGGER BOATES AND BIGGER BATE!!! Jesus walked on water, and even commanded Peter to do likewise, so He could care less about the size of your boat ( Ministry). T.V., Radio, YouTube, Facebook. Jets. All of these are bigger boats. The Holy Ghost is saying today, we are to be Fishers of Men’s Souls… We are to catch the fish, and clean the fish through discipleship. Yet men have turned it into a Fishing Show, where men fish from fancy boats, with expensive rod and reels. Seeking to catch the biggest fish, only to weigh it, get the results, and be rewarded, and recognized by men for catching the Biggest fish.(having the biggest Church with the most members). Oh yea, they throw the fish back in the water if it’s not the proper size ( social status ie. Bigger Tithes), overlooking the least and the lost, the drug addict, the prisoner, and the homeless just to name a few only for it to be devoured by Sharks. Me

Apostle Earnest Jordan


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